Our Facility

We pride ourselves on providing the best laundry experience possible for our customers.  That’s why we set out with some key concepts in mind to create a truly amazing facility.

New machines: Our store’s machines are all brand new.  That means you get the best wash possible.  Also the washers extract the most water from the clothes, so the time (and money) required to dry is much less.

ECO-Friendly: Our machines utilize the latest in energy-efficiency improvements.  The washers use 33% less electricity and 11% less water than previous models.  The design is maximized for high efficiency soaps and softeners, saving you money.

The latest technology: Customers can use cash, credit, or a Suds Up loyalty card right at the washers and dryers.  We accept all forms of payment because of new technology that was recently introduced.  You can even use your phone to pay.

Price: Suds Up is a better experience, but at the same price. No more.  We know, it’s hard to believe.  We’re even less exepenvie than the local “Free Dry” store.

Service: Our attendants do more than just the job at hand.  We help the customers.  That may sound simple, but laundromat attendants are usually focused on cleaning or folding.  But we strive to do more and help the customer to make their experience better.  We’ll help fold, or bring in the clothes from the parking lot, or hold doors open.  We will do whatever we can do to make the customer love us just a little bit more.

Cleanliness: Our attendants are cleaning all day every day.  We don’t wait until the end of the day to clean because we want every customer to have that same clean feeling as they walk into Suds Up.  We want you to feel as clean as your clothes will after being laundered with us.

Giving back: Laundry Love happens the second Thursday of each month.  It’s free laundry for the community; but it’s more about the experience than just cleaning your clothes.

Community: We take pride in being a good citizen.  We sponsor local teams and events, organizations, and other programs that impact that community far beyond the reach of a laundromat.  And we are always looking to do more.

Ample parking: We have lots of parking, and the spots back right up to the sidewalk in front of the store.  Customers can take our carts outside right to their cars to load and unload.

Kiddie room: We built a special room off the lounge just for the kids.  We stage it with lots of books, and urge our customers to take the books home with them.  That’s right, our owner was a kindergarten teacher for over thirty years so this is very important to us.

Air conditioning: Worcester’s summers can get hot.  So we can keep you cool.

Bright lighting: Our store (and parking) lot has all LED lights.  That means not only are they the most eco-friendly by reducing energy consumption, but they provide the brightest, whitest light possible.