Laundromat in Worcester, MA

Welcome to Suds Up Laundromat; the best laundry facility in all of Worcester and the surrounding communities.  It’s really that simple.

We custom-built Suds Up in 2013 to provide the best laundry experience possible; we visited every facility in the area and realized that the customer deserved more.  Therefore, our mission was to provide a much better customer experience, without charging any more.  We set our expectations high in order to design, build, and equip Suds Up Laundromat.

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See what our customers are saying

First time here nice and quiet, clean, no waiting for machines and can get a haircut while you wait! Save some time and come here oh yeah if your hungry, your wait while there are plenty of places nearby.
Gary Ojerholm
Very clean and the staff was top notch. This business was not very strong, with modern equipment that is never crowded. Few teams were non-functional or broken.
Attniel Thomas
This place is awesome- I just brought what could have been 5 loads of laundry and then fit it all in one washer that took 24 minutes for $6.25, and then it all went into 1 dryer for $2 for only 32 minutes. Amazing. That’s all my laundry done in 1 hour. Free wifi. Clean facility. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Tons of detergent goods on site for reasonable cost in case you forget yours. And the best- you can use the coin machine on site or conveniently use your credit card on all the machines. Laundry’s never been so easy.
Krystina K.
I’ve been coming here a few months and finally felt compelled to leave a review. This place is EXTREMELY clean for a laundromat to go along with stainless steel fresh looking washers and driers. Staff are friendly (even when you’re the last person in there and they’re ready to go home). I live in west Worcester and pass 2-3 laundromats on the way to this place… mainly because the clear effort the staff takes in keeping the place clean. Oh ya, and you can use your credit card instead of lugging around a mountain of quarters.
Michael C.
We have been coming to suds up for the last two years. The clean, friendly, and calm atmosphere + the flat screens, vending machines and the fully functional new washers and dryers keep us coming back. Granted the machines are a little bit more money than other laundromats but they work great and you can fit a lot of clothes inside of them so in the end it’s worth it. The very knowledgable staff are always working extremely hard ready to answer any questions you might have. They do a great job cleaning up and the bathrooms are always spotless. Thanks for giving us ppl without laundry machines a home away from to simply get our most hated chore done in such an eficiant way + I love the credit card swiper on all of they machines in and out with the quickness. Keep up the good work!
EugenioooCharlene Ojedaaa
Reasonable prices, clean and quiet environment.
Kilsi Espinosa
Cleanest machines, friendly staff, simple and easy to use units. Slightly expensive to use a machine but the drying price is nice and the convenience of using a credit card rather than Change is cool.
Javontaye Randolph